Build a stronger foundation for our future

Jul 17th, 2013

By Stacie Allen

The Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce consistently works toward meeting the needs of its members.

A few of these efforts include a new tiered dues structure to pro­vide more benefits, restructuring the Small Business Workshops to be an innovative learning tool, a work force development pro­gram called Skill-Ready Doña Ana, a discount prescription drug card program, enhanced networking events and the cre­ation of a Membership Advisory Committee to keep its members
connected to the mission. The Chamber hasn’t stopped there. Over the past two years, we have committed to preserv­ing a valuable piece of Doña Ana County’s history and at the same time making it a valuable part of our community’s future. By part­nering with both private and pub­lic sectors to rebuild the Nestor Armijo House, the chamber will expand its future home to better serve the community and preserve the legacy of an early businessman who impacted what Doña Ana County is today. Each year, as the Goodwill Ambassadors for the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce, the Conquistadores raise aware­ness and funding to give back to the business community. The Conquistadores are proud supporters of the Heritage Foundation capital campaign, “Our Future is Our History.”

To date, we have commit­ted $15,000 to this campaign. We know that we are helping to leave a legacy in the honor of our business community, as well as past and present Conquistadores who have given back to the com­munity. More importantly, we are building a stronger foundation for
our future.

It is important that we all – as business owners, employees and community members – support this campaign and be part of re­building the Armijo House.

For more information or to find out how you can become part of the Chamber’s future, contact the Chamber at 524-1968 or visit

Stacie Allen, Chair of the Council of Conquistadores 2013