Bosa Donuts & Burritos Small Business of the Month - July 2014

Jul 21st, 2014

Family owned business becomes go-to stop

575-647-0067 • 190 AVENIDA DE MESILLA

Bosa Donuts and Burritos Small Business of the Month July 2014Breakfast is an essential meal to start the day. There are many different options to choose from, but two popular favorites are the classic donut and burrito. Bosa Donuts has become a go-to stop to pick up a morning meal for many Las Crucens.

Bosa Donuts & Burritos at 190 Avenida de Mesilla is family owned and first opened in 1984. After 12 years, the current owners took over the business in 1996.

Today Bosa serves a range of customers around Las Cruces. “We mainly serve to the blue collar workers such as city (employees) and El Paso Electric employees,” manager William Cardoza said. “Other customers include large groups, parents with children and cus­tomers who like to pick up an order to go. Opening at 5 a.m., Bosa Donuts & Burritos is able to service the early bird workers.

With the food industry being very com­petitive, the business is able to continue be­ing a hot spot for customers through its low prices. “We are considered best in town for low prices on our products and that is why we have so many loyal customers,” Cardoza said. Bosa Donuts & Burritos also attracts its customers by making delicious fresh treats. With “Made Fresh Daily” as its motto, customers enjoy the food that is made right here in their home town. “Our customers really look forward to our fresh products,” Caradoza said.

Although donuts and burritos are the most popular items on the menu, Caradoza mentioned that creating customer aware­ness on the other products he sells has been difficult. “Most people don’t know we sell other Mexican food, such as menudo, posole and tamales,” he said. Bosa hopes to make all the items on its menu just as popular as the donuts.

Future plans include opening a second store in Las Cruces. With its 20th anniversary two years away, Bosa Donuts & Burritos is excited about its accomplishment and appreciates customer loyalty.