Bataan March next thing to conquer

Mar 20th, 2013

By Stacie Allen

It is time to spring into action. But first, I am pleased to congratulate two amazing Conquistadores who are always springing into action. During the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet held Feb. 1, Leslie Martinez and Bruce Drum were recognized for going above and beyond. Martinez was awarded the 2012 Conquistador of the Year award. She is very involved with the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce, is a member of the Las Cruces Day in Santa Fe and Retention committees and a leader on the Conquistadore Executive Council.

Martinez is always smiling and willing to jump in and help out when needed.

Drum was awarded the 2012 Volunteer of the Year Award. He is someone you can always count on, and is willing to step up to any challenge.

His dedication to helping businesses grow and his endless volunteer hours spent to support the community are such a blessing.

Congratulations to Martinez and Drum on their recognition, very well deserved. We are blessed to have them as members of our community.

The Conquistadores are geared up to support the 24th Bataan Memorial Death March Sunday, March 17.

We are excited to host the first water station of the march and provide fruit slices, water, Gatorade and support to the
6,000-plus marchers. Thanks to Kari Shepan, who has helped organize this year’s event. I know it will be a huge success.

In addition to the Bataan Memorial Death March, we are getting ready for our first quarterly meeting in April, where we will be inducting new Conquistadores and welcoming new businesses to the chamber.

Thank you all for what you do!

Stacie Allen, Chair of the Council of Conquistadores 2013