Bad decision-making

May 26th, 2015

It was a pleasure to represent the interest of our community and the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Russell AllenCommerce in our nation’s capital last month.

This was my second year joining the Chamber team and meeting with our federal delegation in Washington, D.C., on many key issues that impact our community well-being and future. Additionally, we continued our work to preserve and expand the capabilities and mission of White Sands Missile Range, which is vital to our local economy.

It was sad to see our elected officials once again make a decision that negatively impacts business growth in our community. Not passing the zoning change request by a property owner on the rumor that a Walmart Neighborhood Market may want to build there, sends a clear message to anyone considering making an investment in our community and robs the owner of the property from having a revenue generating opportunity.

It was also sad to see citizens, and even a chamber, stand in opposition to the growth and prosperity of our community because of their bias against a single organization. I wonder, if a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods wanted to come to town, would we have folks saying we don’t need another grocery store?

We should not be following mob rule or personal preferences when these decisions are made, but the rules, guidelines and policies that are in place each and every time. We all have our preferences, but these things are in place to make outcomes fair for everyone. When we slow the growth of business with bad and biased decisions, everyone is negatively impacted.

Russell Allen, Chair of the Board Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce