As a collective force, we can make a positive difference in our future!

Jan 20th, 2014

 Mike Beckett,  Chair of the Board of Directors Greater Las Cruces Chamber of CommerceMost of us in business spend many many hours just tending to the details of our business! We don’t have time to “fight every battle” when it comes to proposed regulations or issues that could affect our businesses.

I joined the chamber simply because a friend of mine asked me to. Hardly a noble reason, but what it did is open up a world where I got to meet not only the leaders of our community, but also other businessmen who have the same obstacles and who also don’t necessarily have the time to research and address issues that are brewing  that could ultimately hinder and even harm their future growth!

As an organization of almost 1000 members, the chamber of commerce can be that voice you need to advocate for you when you simply cannot dedicate hours and hours of your time outside of your business.

In 2014, one of the priorities for the chamber is to advocate for you, to help your business succeed, which helps us all by increasing the economic base for our community. The chamber is made up of businesses large and small, we are here to promote a business friendly community, to insure that the Las Cruces region thrives economically and to bring better employment to those that want to be employed which will naturally bring up the household incomes in our area.

My first experiences in the chamber were with the networking component, mostly business after hours. I got to meet people, who like me, were navigating the often treacherous world of business. It gave me the opportunity to compare notes, to try new ideas that maybe I couldn’t come up with by myself. I attended seminars hosted by the chamber, which is a great way to educate yourself, the chamber is there to help, you just have to want to help yourself.

Get involved!  Join one of the committees, be proactive not only in your profession, but also in your community! Ask people in your circle of influence to join! As a collective force we can make a positive difference!

We are fortunate to have some large employers in our region, and the chamber continues to do its best to be behind them and support them as they in turn invest in our community.

NMSU, the hospitals, the school district, the electric company , all of these are very large employers in our community, and are very much involved with the chamber of commerce. We listen to what their needs are and we advocate for them for a brighter and more prosperous future for all of us.

White Sands Missile Range positively impacts this region economically every day! They have brought the high tech jobs to this area that we are diligently trying to attract. I am proud that we recognize White Sands and will continue to do our best to insure that they are supported by us at the national level.

We fought very hard to bring the spaceport to New Mexico. If we embrace it and work to include ourselves in its success, Las Cruces and Dona Ana County will be the prime beneficiary of the international fame it will bring. The Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce is the Natural partner in properly bringing together the business and support services that are part of this enterprise.

This organization is made up of individuals; it’s made up of us. We all want a better place to live, and to be sure that the decisions made are for the long term benefit of our community. I have chosen to live here, grow my business here, and raise my family here. I believe there is no better place to be.

Almost a hundred and fifty years ago, in the 1870’s there was a prominent businessman by the name of Nester Armijo. Mr Armijo bought an old adobe house on what is now Lohman Avenue. He soon added all of the latest Victorian design, added a story, expanded the house, and over the course of a hundred years, six generations of his family lived there.

We at the chamber believe that one of the things that give a community that sense of place is to preserve and tribute where we came from. We have elected to restore the Armijo House and make it the new home of the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce. Nester Armijo’s great grandson, who is a major supporter of our effort, said “As a prominent businessman of his time, Nestor would have been proud to have his home as the home of the chamber of commerce.”

Just as this organization is made up of and funded by you,  we need financial help, to restore this historic property, and to bring it into the 21st century, to be a place that we as a community can say we saved and put to productive use!

So again, Get Involved! Join one of the comittees, be proactive not only in your profession, but also in your community!  Ask people in your circle of influence to join in, because as a collective force, we can make a positive difference in our future!