Armijo House renovation takes off

Sep 8th, 2014

More work still needed on 150-year-old building

Work is ongoing at the Armijo House.

Many of you took the tour during our March Business After Hours and saw the inside of the building for the first time.

Due to where the sequencing of the work being done, much of it is going unnoticed.

The interior stabilization is almost complete and we will soon be calling in the electricians, plumbers, mechanical and phone/data folks to install conduit and begin pulling wires.

In addition, due to the rain that we have been experiencing, and who can really complain about that, some of the efforts on the outside of the building have been pushed back in order to minimize exposure to the elements. However, if you drive by today you will be able see progress on the west wall and the roof on the west side of the building where the one story structure meets the two-story structure.

Also, work to fill in the area where the old drive-in teller window with adobes is coming along nicely. Particularly interesting is that we have the old window that was removed years ago and will be re-installing it in the days to come.

Pat Taylor and his crew have been working long and hard on the 150-yearold house and as you might imagine, have encountered a number of things that have required a second and sometimes third, opinion. That said, the bones of the old building are sound.

The Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce is also hard at work engaging the community in our efforts. We hosted the Casas de Antao tour earlier this year.

It was great hearing stories from folks that spent time with the Armijo family when they were young. It really seemed to bring back memories for those who had the opportunity to experience the house in its prime.

We are also in the middle of a capital campaign designed to raise money to both renovate the Armijo House and construct our second building. This is where the community comes in. We need as much help as possible and no gift is too small. There are many ways to participate and many levels – all with the chance to leave your mark on the project.

We would like to thank the many people who have already stepped up to support the project.