ARCA Space Corporation Names Chris Lang As Chief Operating Officer

Aug 31st, 2015

Las Cruces, New Mexico - ARCA Space Corporation, a for-profit US corporation,
announced today that it has appointed Chris Lang as chief operating officer. Lang
has been a board member since March of 2015, and will now take a central operating
role effectively immediately.

“I first met Chris Lang seven months ago, while working on a media promotion
project for ARCA,” stated Dumitru Popescu, Founder/CEO of ARCA Space
Corporation. “I’m myself am passionate about media production and we both noticed
an immediate compatibility. His passion, love for detail, hard work, and commitment
are exactly the qualities that make the ARCA team work. I knew quickly that Chris
would be an asset to our team. Over time I also watched him in his role as founder
and CEO of The LNG Company, and have continued to notice his wealth of
experience as an executive. ARCA was in great need of a COO, and I knew that Chris
would be a perfect fit for us in this role. When I asked Chris to join the board of
directors, he didn't hesitate and said “yes,” immediately. So here we are, announcing
that Chris Lang is the new chief operating officer of ARCA SPACE Corporation. It is
well known that a good relationship between a CEO and COO is critical for any
company’s success, and I’m convinced that we have the right person for this role.”

As chief operating officer, Lang will lead the company’s global operating business
across the Americas, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), and China/Asia Pacific,
as well as overseeing ARCA Space Corporation’s brand development and overall
strategic direction.

“ARCA Space Corporation is a dynamic and visionary company that is full of passion
and ambition and these are the very attributes that led us to this partnership,” said
Chris Lang, COO of ARCA Space Corporation. “With the leadership of Dumitru
Popescu we will not only achieve new heights in the aerospace industry but also
engineering technologies that will change the future in which we live and

Lang will bring a wealth of leadership and knowledge to ARCA Space Corporation.
His experience as the founder and CEO of The LNG Company will give ARCA Space
Corporation the much needed guidance in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Prior to
founding his own award-winning creative media firm, he worked in international
business development. This experience will be valuable as we are serving
customers from around the world. Many of whom have already pre-ordered the
AirStrato, the most amazing air robot in the world. This is ARCA Space Corporation’s
first product that will be developed and manufactured in Las Cruces.
1441 Mesa Ave Space A + Las Cruces, New Mexico 88001
About ARCA Space Corporation
ARCA SPACE is a for-profit US corporation and its main objective is the exploration of
space. In order to reach this objective, ARCA builds and launches the most cost
effective space vehicles. We are using technologies already existent, in an innovative
way, that allows access to space on a large scale by reducing financial constraints.
We want to accomplish this because we strongly believe that the future of mankind
is linked to the exploration of space.
To find out more about the ARCA Space Corporation visit
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