American Document Services is honored to announce completion of their AAA NAID Certification

Nov 3rd, 2014

AAA NAID Certification is the highest certification you can receive for destruction of confidential material. An independent auditor inspected and witnessed American Document Services process for picking up, transporting and the actual destruction of classified documents, computer hard drives, microfilm, microfiche and media tapes. The auditor also reviewed Policies and Procedures, the employee background checks, drug test results, results from a 66 question test that requires an 85% to pass and reviewed 90 days of recorded history of operations. American Document Services has more than 30 cameras recording 24/7 and keeps a recorded history on file. ADS also has GPS on all their company vehicles for real time vehicle tracking.

American Document Services is now certified that we meet all state and federal requirements for destruction of documents that contain personal information and all electronics and electronic media.