Advanced Hearing Care - Small Business of the Month June 2013

Jun 17th, 2013

Patient-centered practice improves quality of life

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Advanced Hearing Care was first opened by Dr. Kelly Frost in Alamogordo in 1993.

She has been at her current lo­cation in Las Cruces for the past five years, specializing in hearing aids, assistive listening devices, hearing screening and testing, hearing loss and tinnitus (“ringing intheears”)treatment. Advanced Hearing Care also has locations in Ruidoso, Roswell and still in Alamogordo.

Frost’s interest in audiology began in her childhood, growing up with a younger brother with Down’s syndrome. At a young age, she was exposed to audiologists, which sparked her life-long passion.

Dr. Kelly Frost, Dr. Melissa Kreze and Kari Shepan of Advanced Hearing CareFrost was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and com­pleted her master’s degree in au­diology in 1983 at the nation’s top-ranked audiology program at the University of Iowa. She then practiced clinical audiol­ogy at Washington University in St. Louis and Northwestern University in Chicago.

Her practice, in the MountainView Medical Office Plaza, is strongly community­oriented. Advanced Hearing Care offers free educational seminars and hearing screenings on a quarterly basis. In 2012, they performed more than 150 free screenings, said Director of Community Development Kari Shepan. They also partner with The Starkey Hearing Foundation to donate professional services to
under-served members of the Las Cruces community.

A significant problem for any health care professional is reach­ing and motivating those in need of hearing care.

“Approximately 30 million Americans suffer from hear­ing loss,” Frost said. “Only about 23 percent of those people uti­lize hearing devices. This number hasn’t changed over the last 30 years. A stigma exists that hearing devices mean you’re aging; how­ever, the same stigma doesn’t seem to apply to bifocals or knee or hip replacements.”

However, by distinguishing it­self as a professional, patient-ori­ented practice, Advanced Hearing Care is successfully making the connection with those in need.
The team of expert audiologists is known for providing the most comprehensive hearing treatment plans in the area. Their four-step process starts with a discussion about communication difficulties followed by a thorough examina­tion and evaluation. If a hearing treatment program is needed, they will spend time gaining an under­standing of the types of environ­ments and situations in which the patient finds themselves so they can create a customized treatment program to improve the quality of life through better hearing.

“I’m very proud of my practice and the Advanced Hearing Care staff,” Frost said. “Being patient­oriented has led to very high pa­tient satisfaction results.”

In part, this is the result of
the practice’s goal to provide a professional hearing evaluation and treatment solutions based on needs and lifestyle. Frost empha­sized the strict professional na­ture of her practice. All purchased hearing devices receive a 75-day risk-free trial, with a 100 percent money-back guarantee if the pa­tient is unsatisfied with the tech­nology. Advanced Hearing Care offers lifetime service at no charge, including free batteries for three years.

Frost noted the vast improve­ments in hearing technology since she first opened her practice. She recalled the changes from the “an­alog to digital era.”

“I used to only be able to adjust the low frequencies of the hearing device with a screwdriver,” she said with a laugh. “Now, everything is digital so we can make hundreds of precise changes – in quiet and in noise – in real-time for a variety of parameters.”

Frost’s favorite part of her job: “Being able to help patients in their ability to communicate with their friends and family and hear their grandchildren talk to them … that’s the best part. We are 100 percent committed to improving our patient’s quality of life.

“Our passion is helping people in a way that is highly ethical and highly patient centric.”

Frost’s statement is reflected by an award Dr. Melissa Kreze recently won. Kreze was named the regional Hearing Health Care Provider of the Year by Rayovac, an award based on positive patient
feedback, Frost said. Although only a part of Advanced Hearing Care for two years, Frost said, “Melissa is a key ingredient to the success of this practice.”

Because of the prevalence of hearing loss, Frost recommends anyone age 65 and older obtain a baseline hearing test. If you are noticing changes in your hearing such as having difficulty understanding speech in noise or listening to the television at a louder volume, Advanced Hearing Care offers a free, 30-minute initial hearing screening. Based on the findings, a Better Hearing Consultation, which is also free, may be scheduled.

To schedule a free hearing screening, call 521-9795.