2015 September Nonprofit of the Month - New Mexico Space Grant Consortium (NMSGC)

Sep 21st, 2015

3050 Knox St.  Las Cruces, NM 88003 | 575-646-6414 | www.nmspacegrant.com

NMSGC engages leaders in emerging space indusry

Mission: History: NMSGC is the lead agency of coordination and cooperation to engage New Mexicans in space-related diffusion-oriented, often referred to applied technology, research and development. NMSGC acts an agent for change, coordination, and cooperation in space-related growth of technical education, enhancement of applied research development capability and related infrastructure development. NMSGC promotes lifelong learning in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). NMSGC acts as an agent to engage leaders in the state, industry and at NASA related to the emerging commercial space industry in the State of New Mexico, at NASA and across the Nation.


NMSGC acts as an agent to engage leaders in the State, industry and at NASA to create programs that Technology developers from New Mexico and West Texas are ready to present to the Venture Capitalist at the ISS research workshop held in Las Cruces. support the emerging commercial space industry in New Mexico and across the Nation.

Key goals: (Note we have taken out objectives and metrics) Goal 1: Continue to grow the Student Flight Programs.

NMSGC acts as a catalyst to increase the number of student flight experiments developed and flown in suborbital environment at Spaceport America and to the International Space Station. Through our Student Flight Programs, we increase accesses to space for educational organizations. We pursue this goal through a portfolio of NASA’s unique STEM experiential learning opportunities (e.g. grants, internships, fellowships, scholarships, workshops) and challenges.

Goal 2: Grow mission-focused research/ funding/ economic vitality. Promote and make strategic investments in applied research development and commercialization of space technologies developed by New Mexicans. Foster a collaborative interdisciplinary environment that enables NMSGC to achieve its mission. Use NMSGC funds to support competitive awards that are mission focused or applied research that enables commercial space technology development in the state. Also develop infrastructure and expertise to enable future New Mexico success in NASA and space focused research competitions. Foster innovative space and technology research that leads to expanding economic opportunities through direct action and recruit public and private sector partners.

Goal 3: Promote and engage with a diverse community

of supporters. NMSGC will actively engage partners and stakeholders to raise and expand awareness of space related technology programs in order to significantly multiply the vibrant space ecosystem in New Mexico. This includes fostering linkages among NMSGC and Challenger Center programs related to microgravity research partners, for Spaceport America, CASIS and Virgin Galactic. We seek to develop a communication strategy to communicate the excitement of learning through dissemination of Student Launch Program curriculum and learning materials at workshops across the state.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was charged with implementation and oversight of the National Space Grant College and Fellowship program in 1987. (Public L.

100-147, Oct. 30, 1987, 101 Stat. 869-875, 42 U.S.C. 2486; and14 CFR Part 1259, March 13, 1989.) New Mexico Space Grant Consortium was established at New Mexico State University in 1989 through competitive award. Since then it has recruited multiple partners from the education and industry community across the state. In 2007, NMSGC at NMSU was designated the NASA Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) lead in the state.

Key people to know:

Director, Patricia C. Hynes.

Academic Partners: Vice Presidents for Research Drs.

Chaitanya and Romero at NMSU and New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology respectively; Chris Christodoulou, University of New Mexico; Renay Scott, Doña Ana Community College.

echnology Development Partners:

Wayne Savage and Kevin Boberg, Arrowhead Park

Industry Partners: Jacobs at White Sands Test Facility, Point of Contact Joe Bullington.

Community partners: Davin Lopez, Mesilla Valley Economic Development Association; Phillip San Filippo, Las Cruces Convention and Visitors Bureau, Frank Leto, Las Cruces Sun News, Belia Avlarez, Hotel Encanto. Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce.

Events and activities:

International Symposium for Personal & Commercial Spaceflight, Oct. 7-8, 2015.

Student Launch Program: The Student Launch Program was created in 1994 to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs for students in New Mexico.

The Student Launch Program includes student-designed and built experiments from Las Cruces Public Schools, Doña Ana Community College, Hot Springs Middle School and High School and Roswell Middle School.

The most recent launch for student experiments took place on April 25 from Spaceport America’s Vertical Launch Area. The program utilizes an eight-foot fiberglass rocket which held nine student- built experiments.